our story

Started in 2016 by Nolen Putnam & Sawyer Farmer in Newport Beach, CA, STKY was the synthesis of countless hours of deep thought with the idea of attacking the fashion industry in a novel way. In late 2014, they decided to seek out the help of a friend, Pat Tenore, who had previously broken boundaries when he started RVCA in 2001. He soon became a mentor to the two, encouraging and guiding them to refine their vision with authenticity.

The two felt suffocated by most modern clothing brands, and saw each piece of clothing as its own art piece, more than a design on a blank. STKY is viewed as a canvas that liberates artists and gives them the brush. Nolen & Sawyer have always believed the most important part of STKY was to give each individual the liberty to express and explore what sticks with them and in 2016, that vision was made a reality and is still the core incentive that guides the lifestyle brand.

STKY is the result of a desire to challenge the status quo, to tell stories with clothing that inspires.

Limited Collections drop every 4 months.